Have your say – what is the greatest retro mobile phone?

Add a comment below. Tell us the which is the greatest vintage mobile phone in your view (and why).

There’s no right or wrong answer, unless you think the 8110 is up there, in which case you’re probably right…


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  1. Hi Nick,

    Great videos, could have been made just for me!

    Can you recommend a battery supplier for the 601452 batteries please? All the ones on eBay are from Hong Kong or China apart from one in Germany.

    Also, will the 8110i not work on Vodafone any more? What about the NK503 on EE?

    Many thanks,


    • Great to hear, thanks Julie. I plan on doing more fixes but a change in job means I get little time. I’m hoping fellow enthusiasts like yourself want to submit their findings so we build up a decent set of resources one here.

      They’re ALL made in China nowadays, the cells. The one in Germany will likely just be a reseller. My original supplier has gone bust but I do have some cells I can supply – drop me an email. Alternatively lots are listed on eBay although look at feedback and try a few different suppliers as I’ve had some bad experiences with some sellers who overstated capacity and sent poor quality cells.

      No it’s o2 or Giffgaff nowadays I’m afraid. Probably Tesco too as they piggy back the 900mhz signal. I tried an ee sim years ago in the old orange and T-Mobile variants and had no luck 🙁

      • Hi Julie, I’ve done a similar job to Nick with my 8110 and 8110i for some reason the 8110 model doesn’t last long on the new cells, I’ve tried on 2 handsets, they draw more current than a 8110i, so would appear that when Nokia modified the 8110 to become the 8110i it wasn’t all about the phone features, 8110i drew less from the cells equalling longer battery life.
        The Chinese cells are well made and include shutdown circuitry to prevent zero Volt drain and damage that would occur, its important to only buy cells that have this feature.
        I’m in process of trying to fit one or two more cells within the case, to run parallel with the 2 cells in series I already have, this would increase current leading to longer battery life.

  2. Nick not sure if you can help?? but anyway do you know of anyone who carries out repairs to old phones? I have a 3210 which needs a battery connect pin out re-soldering to the motherboard

    Thanks in advance


    • I’m sorry I missed this question. I know a chap locally if you’re not yet sorted. May be cheaper to get another handset though!

  3. Hi Nick,

    I have an old nokia 8146.
    Is there any way i can unlock it. Im not sure what network it was initially on.

    Also tried to get unlock code online, but online companies don’t recognise ghr IMEI.

    Also where csn i get battery cells for it.

    Many thanks in advance.

    Btw, great tutorial videos. Hope i can “restore mine”

    Basik Ali

    • Hello mate. You look like you’re in the uk so likely One2One network lock for that model. Some sites provide a code generation service – let us know how you get on.

      Batteries are easy when you know how. Check out my tutorial videos.

  4. Hello Nick –
    Thanks for the tutorial on the 8110 battery! I just finished the second one.
    Some people here asked for a supplier for the cells: I got mine from Aliexpress.com from China.
    Even though they have only 450mAh, they do the job well.
    I resurrected a 8110 and I think it’s one of the nicest phones ever made!
    The only downside: I have to use a T-Mobile D1 card. Since this is not my main phone I get away with a prepaid…

    Keep up the great work and thanks again,

    • Thanks for your post. Great to hear the site has been useful for you. They’re beautiful phones I think. What do you think of the recently announced modern version?

  5. I have been trying to get the Nokia 7190 activated here in the United States. I can do the Nokia 7190 to the 7110 mod, so that the phone can use the spring loaded mechanism. I got some fresh springs on amazon.

    I also am trying to mod the new 8110 4g into the Nokia 7110 case, and use the 7110 keyboard. The spacing on it is completely identical, and it has the awesome scroller, but I don’t know how to get that to input on the New 8110 4g motherboard. I just figured I could utilize the entire button circuit, but utilize the 7110 buttons overtop of the button circuit board.

    I may have to use another LCD other than what is in the 7110, because it has some unique Pads on the lcd. So one that seemed logical, because I think they are the same size are the popular Nokia 3310 screens. I think they are so common because people use them for arduino, but they come as a breakout kit, so that may work to adapt and plug from the new 8110 4g PCB pins for the LCD.

    Has anyone tried any new Nokia 8110 mods? I really want to do this one, or does anyone know how to modify an older phone like the Nokia 7190 to be activated, or use a modern network? Please let me know, Thank you,


    • Sounds amazing. Please share what you find on here. The 7190 is an excellent handset. If you’d like to update us via a blog entry I’ll send you a login.

      Anyone out there had a play with the re- imagined 8110 yet??

  6. Nick
    Best phone is the 8110 of course
    Do you know if the 8110 still works on European network frequencies?
    Bought a 8110 4G but this is worthless, so now I want to buy a “new” 8110. Thanks to you I will refurbish the battery myself.
    Please contact me!!!

    • It’s my favourite, and yes the new version of the 8110 is absolutely horrendous. Like a joke or toy phone.

      You can still use them in Europe, India and some other places. Unless the phone is network locked of course – get one that isn’t. You need 800MHz 2g networks. Get a free or cheap sim and test.

      Good luck with the battery refurbishment. It’s not too difficult.

      Thanks also for the comment. It’s nice to know other people find this stuff interesting or useful. Many people review the videos or site and don’t really let me know how they got on.

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