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An interesting piece on HMD Direct

I didn’t know these guys were mainly ex- Nokia people at upper management levels. I didn’t like their updated 3310 at all and I’m yet to be sent the new 8110 but at some point they could get it right. Until then I’d agree:

For now, HMD Global has achieved “unicorn” status by dominating the feature-phone niche, but it won’t be enough to make it a serious smartphone player for the future



The two-year-old company that makes Nokia phones is now worth over 1 billion

More about the re-imagined banana phone. It has WiFi support

Really interesting piece. I’d previously been slightly put off by inferred lack of Wi-Fi but reading through the official site:

… it comes with WLAN IEEE 802.11 b/g/n support. GPS mentioned also. Gets more interesting every day.

Never mind my weekend phone. This could be suitable as a primary device one some cases.

So who’s getting one??




Aftermarket shell it is

Further to my earlier post Limited edition or aftermarket shell.

A visitor provided the attached:

A third party housing by Cellink, in this case in a fetching silvery pink. That GSM sticker looks exactly like the one on the phone the dealer provided.

Sadly not a special edition.

This housing is for sale by the way if you know of any visually impaired retro handset users who need one.

Will my 2G retro mobile phone keep working?

A few people have asked this via my eBay listings. Nothing lasts forever and of course one day the 2g signals that have been running 3 or so decades will be switched off.

We’re in a slightly better situation in the United Kingdom though. Unlike Australia (who switched off their 2g signal) and America (who plan to) in the uk we have a rather unique geographical layout that necessitates continuing 2G signal for operators to maintain their coverage % as high as possible. There is also the growth of M2M application where smart appliances for example use that part of the spectrum to operate. This is a growth area too.

So long story short… we’re good for a few years yet. Don’t write off your old handsets just yet.

More info here:

Got a fix, repair or just a rant to share?

I’m hoping this site will expand to include more fixes and more voices than just my own.

Like I was saying to a commenter just now, if you’d like to submit a retro review, a piece on your favourite handset or fixes other than my admittedly rather nokia 8110- centric how-tos… or anything else… then please leave a comment or drop me an email so I can set you up as a contributor. We’d love for you to join us.

It helps if you use the correct charger for your mobile


One eagle-eyed visitor noticed that although I correctly said ACH-6x (10 volt 740 mA) as the correct charger for the 8110 series mobiles on some videos, on one of them I grabbed the wrong charger and said ACP-12x (5.7v 800mA) which of course is the charger for the Nokia 7110. Apologies.

So make sure you use the one on the right and not the left. You can try the one on the left but as the voltage is insufficient it will just beep at you in disgust and do nothing.