Get soldering. How to solder replacement cells in to your battery

Ok so you’ve done all your preparation and now you’re ready to get out your soldering iron and install your replacement cells. As with all modifications and fixes involving batteries it’s entirely at your own risk… but it’s not too difficult. Unless you’re doing as I am and trying to film at the same time. Take the appropriate safety precautions and take your time. Before you know it your retro Nokia 8110 or 8110i will be working, unconnected from mains power, for the first time in a few decades. Good luck:


Get your shiny new replacement cells ready

So you have some cells to continue refurbishing your (currently) dead 8110 or 8110i  (our whatever you have). How do you now install them in your battery housing so the cellphone has power flowing through the circuit board for the first time in 20 years or so? What are you go to do next? Let’s have a look:

Choosing new cells for your BLJ-2 battery

Next tutorial up in your quest to have a working Nokia 8000 series mobile is about choosing the correct cell (or to be more accurate pair of cells).

This is particularly important as you need to ensure you have a good quality cell that has upper and lower voltage protection. Lion batteries can be unstable if allowed to drop below a certain level so don’t skimp on price or spec.

As always, all modifications, hacks and fixes from this site are entirely at your own risk:

Ever wanted to look inside an old cell phone battery?

What do you mean “no”? You’re going to need to if you’re planning on using your phone again. The old cells are dead so in this tutorial we can see how to whip them out ready for some shiny new cells.

One thing I forget to mention in the tutorial is the slight, sweet smell. Yeah that’s gas escaping from old and decaying cells. Wear a mask and don’t breathe too deeply. Get them out and recycle responsibly. Happy cell-pulling-out day.

My Nokia 8110i battery won’t work…

It won’t I’m afraid. I would say that it’s leaking but the fact is that it leaked then dried up entirely a decade ago. It’s 20 years old and obsolete technology and you better be sure that all these vendors who advertise them as supplied but are ‘out of stock’ have a website that they don’t update or purposely leave stuff on to help their search engine optimisation.

Next you may consider those great YouTube videos that show how to jump start old batteries using nothing more than a laptop and a butchered usb cable. That may work on some modern batteries that have dropped below a certain charge. Not in this case. In this case you may as well try to jump start a potato.

The good news is that we figured out how you can replace the original lithium ion cells with lipo or lithium poli. First you have to remove the old dead cells though as shown in the next part of the tutorials.

Usual disclaimer – for fun only and at your own risk. Enjoy.