Your comments are important to us

Thanks to those of you who have left comments. There are a lot of people out there who are restoring, collecting or just interested in older mobile phones.


Sadly, and I kind of expected this when I set up a WordPress site, I get a lot of spam comments submitted. I mean A LOT of them. You’d think some of these lunatics would have learned it doesn’t really help you with your rankings that much but no… I keep getting reams of stuff through. Mainly Mickey Mouse offshore sites setting up automated messages that are just never going to ever appear on here. Ever.


So we’ve gone from me having to moderate your comments, to me having to apply filters, to me having to now turn them off for older articles.


So if you left insightful comments or requests for help or indeed just said hello and your post didn’t pop up I can only apologise. Blame those dirty spammers.