More about the re-imagined banana phone. It has WiFi support

Really interesting piece. I’d previously been slightly put off by inferred lack of Wi-Fi but reading through the official site:

… it comes with WLAN IEEE 802.11 b/g/n support. GPS mentioned also. Gets more interesting every day.

Never mind my weekend phone. This could be suitable as a primary device one some cases.

So who’s getting one??




A new Nokia 8110?? Surely not

Interesting piece today on the recently announced ‘re-imagining’ of my favourite retro phone:

Mobile World Congress 2017 saw HMD Global revive the Nokia 3310 feature phone and now they’re at it again.

I already use an 8110i as my second phone yet… yet I’m tempted by this one. Even the legacy banana phones I restore only have 3-4 days standby time. This has 25 days plus 4g tethering plus some other features.

Anyone else tempted by it?

Interestingly I’ve also noted that eBay listed handsets – even barebones phones with no batteries or aerials – have jumped in recent weeks. Retro is big at the moment. I’m also getting more people visiting this blog and asking me 8110- related questions.

I’ll post a review if I get my hands on one!