Charging, using maintaining and looking after your refurbished Nokia 8110

To conclude this series of tutorials, a short video on charging and looking after your Nokia 8110.

I’ll do more of these fixes if the demand and interest is there.

Alternatively if you have ideas for classic phone fixes then leave a comment below. There are a lot of iconic phones out there just waiting to be restored to working condition.


  1. Hi Nick,
    Many thanks for your tutorial regarding batteries for 8110.
    I’ve followed the tutorial, only differed in way I secured cells in housing.
    Phone now working but won’t accept sims, how did you get it working on a network? I’ve only tried Voda sims so far, modern ones come up “Card Regected” I tried one from a 5110 I have, works but sim no longer on network.
    I have a huge collection of mobiles, from the Motorola 8000 up to every iPhone up to 6+, but I Favor the 8110 series, I have 8110, 8110i and 8146, (the 8146 has a slightly different case)
    All power up now thanks to your tutorial, must get back on eBay to buy some more Chinese cells!
    Be grateful if you could come back regarding working sims, oh and why when trying to unlock online shows all my 8000 series as invalid emei.

    • Great to hear it’s been useful. I like the 8146 too and from memory you can swap the boards around between them should you need a different band but want to retain the 8110i appearance.

      As a fellow uk user you’ll find all modern vodafone sims will fail but you should be ok with vintage (pre early 2000 ones). Do the same phones find a signal via Giffgaff or o2?

      Are you trying to remove a device lock or a carrier lock? Which service were you using? If the former you can run a small pc app (I think sid.exe)? If the latter, I unlocked mine years ago but from memory you should be able to get a code if you know the original network?

  2. I have a few of each from 8110, 8110i and 8146 (one 2 one) I believe that the sim for one 2 one would still work.
    Gif Gaff and 02 sims work on the 8110 and 8110i, although the 8110 has a much shorter battery life than the 8110i.
    I have a 2g voda sim that gets past boot page, but fails auth as the sim been turned off by the network.
    I’ve not tried a “3” sim yet, I’ll try this eve.
    Interestingly the 8110 shows carrier as Cellnet with Giff Gaff sim, 8110i doesn’t.
    I’m currently working on a new battery set up for Nokia 2110i should be interesting as it’s GSM 900, 1800 and 1900 compatible.

    • It would be interesting to see how others get one but I’m pretty sure nowadays it’s ee or Giffgaff only for uk users. 3 won’t work as they don’t have 2g connectivity. I previously but an 8110 one an 8110i casing as I like the retro cellnet display. Sad I know. Looking forward to hearing about the 2110i stuff and indeed anything else you or other users wish to share. I envisaged this site as being open for anyone who wants to contribute and help other collectors. Want to send a tutorial, blog or article please just shout people.

  3. Hi.
    I am from Greece.
    Nokia 8110.
    How can I have some info fir battery cell replacement please?
    I want to send the battery to you for resurrection.
    Please inform me fir the whole cost and procedure.


    • I don’t do it much nowadays which is why I was trying to show people how to do it themselves but as a few people have asked I’ve just listed the service on eBay uk along with one I’d already done. I’ll do three more then stop.

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