Are YOU sitting on a fortune in old tech (hint: probably not)

This is quite an interesting one and does reflect the increasing prices we’re seeing for old phones, consoles and technology in general.

Original Game Boys up to £75? When did that happen? I remember selling my original for a tenner. Perhaps I should have held in to it but then again you can’t hold onto everything unless you get a bigger loft. I do the love the way these old phones, gadgets and games consoles keep going though. Built to last with no lead – free solder in sight.

A bit on my current favourite too:

Nokia 8110 handsets, made famous in the 90s Matrix films, are changing hands for up to £41, according to the research.

The phones, which featured a spring-loaded slider in the science fiction cult classics, were the favourite of lead character Neo – played by Keanu Reeves.

They actually seem to be going for a lot more than that if refurbished and with reconditioned battery but £41 for untested sounds possible. I wouldn’t say they were a favourite of Neo’s in the matrix movies though. The phones only appeared in the original (an awful Samsung featured in the remaining films) and he didn’t really pick it as a favourite as much as handed it in an envelope. The spring loaded effect the special effects people added was pretty cool though… maybe that should be the next project. I remember someone coming up with an autoslide mod years ago. Perhaps the instructions for that rather cool modification are still out there somewhere…

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