Get soldering. How to solder replacement cells in to your battery

Ok so you’ve done all your preparation and now you’re ready to get out your soldering iron and install your replacement cells. As with all modifications and fixes involving batteries it’s entirely at your own risk… but it’s not too difficult. Unless you’re doing as I am and trying to film at the same time. Take the appropriate safety precautions and take your time. Before you know it your retro Nokia 8110 or 8110i will be working, unconnected from mains power, for the first time in a few decades. Good luck:



    • Does it take a long time to do it or did it take me a long time to figure out how I do it in the first place?

      If the former, no it takes less than half an hour. The videos are pretty much real time.

      If the latter, it took me a while but only because I picked it up and tinkered between other jobs and because I had no schematics. It wasn’t helped by some of the batteries I was sent being defective or not the stated capacity.

      Hope it’s useful for you.

    • Sorry missed your other question. Other batteries, cells and capacities totally vary across manufacturers and model. A similar logic may apply but it’ll vary. Modern batteries are totally different. What phone did you have in mind?

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