Using the Nokia 8110 in 2017 – tutorials

First in a series of videos I’ve created to show how to refurbish, maintain and put new cells into the 8110 series of phones. Please let me have any comments below.

About the Nokia 8110

It was the first of Nokia’s high-end 8000 series mobile or cell phone and was released in 1996. The 8110i came a little later in 1998.The styling was the first example of a ‘slider’  type form factor with a sliding cover protecting the keypad and extended downwards when in use, which brought the microphone closer to the user’s mouth.
Opening the cover answered an incoming call. The curvature of case, particularly, earned it the nickname banana phone.
When released it was aimed at business users and was very much a premium phone and could be seen retailing for several hundred pounds.
You can still get them second hand on auction sites although if you can, get one that is confirmed fully functional. You can get these for as low as fifty pounds.
As well as the Nokia 8110 and 8110i there are gsm-1800 variants in the form of The Nokia 8146/8148. These were offered by orange uk as the as NK502 and NK503.
These phones can still be used today with the correct sim… and a refurbished battery.