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I always loved mobile phones. For reasons I won’t bore you with I was lucky enough to be gifted at an unreasonably young age an Orange 5.1 in the late nineties. It changed everything.

Suddenly you could talk to people while ‘out and about’. You didn’t need to wait next to that land line hard-wired line into your house to be able to speak to people. Mobile phones were a relatively new thing (phone boxes were still a fixture on more city streets than not) and people looked at me like I was… an alien. They looked at me in a very similar way to how I look at the people nowadays going around town on hover boards (which by the way are not boards and do not hover).

A few years after that I ugraded to a Nokia 5110, a Nokia 3210 and then a whole host of phones I can bore you with another time if you’re unlucky. Over the course of the next decade I had 5 or 6 more cellphones. Mainly Nokia or Samsung with one Alcatel that I still get flashbacks about and not in a good way.

Fast forward a few decades and not that long ago I was onto my 7th smartphone in the space of a few years. After my first generation iPhone I’d tried a HTC Hero, HTC Desire, Samsung Hercules, Samsing Galaxy 2 or II and a few more before settling on a Samsung Note 2 which was a nice, big smartphone which was very good. Until I dropped it innoculously a few feet onto a carpeted floor and smashed the screen.

I recalled that a survivor from years before, my trusty 5110, was still in a drawer somewhere. In desperation I grabbed it, charged it and after a gap of 15 years… it only switched on. Unexpected. I slammed my SIM card into it expecting it not to work and it did and with way better reception than I had received for years which was a bit surprising. Now I realise that I had happened upon a phone that matched the 900MhZ frequency my current provider uses.

By the time the Note 2 came back with a nice new screen I was hooked and carried on using the 5110 out and about. It just felt… nice. Like a phone rather than a shrunk down computer. I got a new battery which boosted time between charges a few more days.

Since then I’ve amassed a collection of classic and vintage handsets, many of which I have had to repair and recondition myself. I’ve come across many other enthusiasts, most of whom have got collections, tips and tales of their own and would similarly like to share them with others… so we¬†thought it would be great to have somewhere to share the latest car boot find or showcase some of the great collections out there… which is where this site hopefully comes in. At some point perhaps we can¬†expand it and introduce a discussion board (if I can find the time or leave some of the old handsets alone long enough) but one step at a time…

Hope you enjoy it.

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  1. Nokia 3210 was my first. Built like a tank and looked great. Reception poor but who cares it looked good.

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